Screenshot BaufiFX

BaufiFX is a modern mortgage calculator and financial analysis tool. It allows you to answer many questions around the topic of mortgage lending, mortgage loans or complex credit finance projects.

Calculate the finance scheme with one or more loans in preparation of your propery purchase and keep track of your loans during the whole repayment phase.

The analysis functions show you how your liabilities develop over time.

This mortgage calculator software is available for Windows and Mac OSX.


The current version 1.5 offers the following features:

  • Creation of loans with loan amount, interest rate, principal, monthly payment, term and an arbitrary start date
  • Change of principal/monthly payment
  • Calculation of burndown repayment rate
  • Support of full repayment loans
  • Arbitrary extra payments
  • Automatic calculation of follow-up loans
  • Calculation of repayment plan for single loans and the overall financing scheme
  • Complex financing schems with an arbitrary number of loans
  • Financial analysis of a single loan or the whole financing scheme with charts and additional indicators
  • Calculation of the effective interest rate
  • Comparison of two loans with different terms
  • Saving/Loading your finance schemes
  • Printing
  • Exporting to Excel or PDF format
  • Full internationalization (available in German and English)


See the screenshots page for a full and detailed description of all available features.

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